Wow Your Brows!

Achieving the perfect brows may be easier than you think. We’ll first show you a few simple steps to find your perfect brow shape. Then we’ll go into a step-by-step tutorial on how to achieve flawless brows every day. Remember, practice makes perfect.

Read on to determine your brows’ destiny.

The Perfect Shape


Let’s start off by finding your brow shape. It’s as easy as three simple steps.

  1. Begin by finding where your brow starts. Simply take a pencil and line it up vertically from the ball of your nose up until your brow and make a slight mark using your brow pencil for reference.
  2. Next, turning the pencil at a slight angle following the tip of your nose, find your arch. This is where the pencil lines up from the nose through your pupil and make your mark there. The arch should be the highest point of your brow.
  3. Finally reaching the furthest point of the brow, angle your pencil to follow the ball of your nose outwards until you reach the outer edge of your eye. This is where your brow should end.

Let There Be Strokes

Now comes the fun part and what we’ve all been waiting for. It’s where all of the magic happens to help you achieve the perfect sculpted brows.

We’ll begin by introducing a few of our brow products that will make this process that much easier. You’ll be surprised to find that one of the products mentioned can serve a dual-purpose in the makeup world.


Our very own Eyebrow Definer, available in three shades, is formulated with conditioning ingredients such as essential oils and vitamins for a smooth and precise application every time. To increase the longevity of your brows, set it with the matte brown shade in our Florentine Eyeshadow Palette using our Angled Eyebrow brush for a smudge-proof formula that will withstand hours of long wear.

Source: @makeupbyan

  1. Using the guide we created from finding your brow shape above, lightly trace along the bottom of the brow to get a clear outline. Then following the natural shape of your brows at the top, start from 1/3 of the way in and connect the top outline to the bottom where the tail meets.
  2. Gently fill in the brow with our Eyebrow Definer by feathering in strokes starting from the outer third of the brow in using a lighter hand as you go towards the front of the brow.
  3. Set the brow using our angled brush and matte brown eye shadow using the same technique as before focusing most of the color towards the tail of the brow making your way forward for a completed, polished look.


Tell us down below what your eyebrow makeup routine is. We want to know!

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