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Choose the right bra type and size for you.

Bras are one of a woman’s essentials; bras today are as stylish as the rest of your outfit. But before you go shopping, it’s important to know your correct size and consider what activities you’ll be doing while wearing them. Otherwise, you’ll end up with an unflattering look and feel uncomfortable.

There are two simple ways on how to get the perfect bra:

1. Measure yourself properly.

Measure your bra size

Source: Limeroad.com

Remove your bra before measuring, although an unpadded bra would do. You have to determine two things – your band size and cup size.

Band size

Bring the measuring tape around your back, right under your bust. The tape should be perfectly snug, not too tight, not too loose. Check the measurement and round to the nearest whole number. If you get an even number, add four inches, or add five if you get an odd number. As an example, if you got 30, your band size is 34. If you measured 31, your band size is 36.

Next, you need to determine the bust measurement. Wrap the tape around the fullest part of your bust. The tape has to be slightly loose this time. The same rule applies to getting either an even or odd number.

Cup size

To get the cup size, you’ll just have to subtract the band size from the bust measurement. After getting the difference, refer to the chart. For example, if you get a 38-inch bust and a 36-inch band size, your bra size is 36B.

Source: Realsimple.com | Jason Lee

Source: Realsimple.com | Jason Lee

2. Consider the function of the bra

Now that you know your size, it’s time to look for the perfect bra. Eve’s Temptation has a wide array of styles that serve as the perfect foundation and support for various outfits and activities.

For formal wear and close-fitting dresses

Our Push Up Bras are the best bras for formal wear. They are designed to make any woman feel sexier. If you need to wear a body hugging dress, this type of bra is a perfect choice. It can give you the cleavage you need without sacrificing comfort.

India Push Up Bra


Astrid Push Up Bra


For relaxing

Our best selling Unlined Bras are the best ones to wear when lounging at home. This is because they offer support, giving your breasts a natural look under fitted tops without too much padding. It also lets the skin breathe so it’s perfect for those who are prone to skin allergies. Classic wiring gently shapes your figure while feeling comfortable all day. Unlined bras are ideal for weekends at home, and for pizza and Netflix sessions.

Arabela Unlined Bra


Deirdre Wireless Bra


Daphne Unlined Bra


For making a fashion statement

Racerback Bras are an excellent choice for fashionistas. You can wear them as a top or under revealing tops. They have sexy lace designs that will make any woman feel sexy and stylish at the same time. Our racerbacks offer full support too, as most of them are push up bras. You can also choose racerbacks with or without wiring, with or without straps to create different styles. Cushion closures create a natural shape and make these racerback bras easy to wear.

Octavia Racerback Bra


Hanna Push Up Bra


For sports activities

Every fitness buff needs a sports bra. Your bust needs maximum support, especially when doing rigorous exercises. Our sports bra collection offers a combination of comfort, support, and cleavage. Camisole sports bras do just that. Stay sexy even while working out. You can enjoy style and function.

Judy Camisole


judy-camisole-2 —

Still can’t decide on what bra to buy? Browse our lingerie collection and find that bra you are looking for!




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