Ways to Transition Your Summer Lips to Fall

The best shades of lipstick to wear this Autumn

Kiss Summer goodbye, because Autumn is here! And we know what that means — it’s time to update our wardrobes as well as our makeup kit to match the season. So tuck away that bright pink lipstick for now, because this season, darker shades are making a glorious comeback.



Brown is a hue that has always been associated with fall. It conjures up the image of things that is related to the season such as the color of fallen leaves and tree barks. Even when it comes to fashion, designers usually emphasizes this color in their clothes. Although most women don’t prefer this shade for their lipstick, it is something you definitely must try this season. Just remember to keep your eye makeup as simple as possible, and let your brown lipstick stand out.



Perfect those brown lips with Eve by Eve’s Conditioning Oak Lip Definer, designed to make color blending effortless. Its perfect shade will surely define the natural shape of your kissers, and its smart formulation will make the color last longer and prevent it from feathering.



Ditch those coral and bright pink shades, because this fall, darker shades such as purple and plum will conquer the scene. But what makes this shade the best, is that it can suit all skin tones, and can actually make your teeth visually whiter. Similar to brown shade lipsticks, make sure to tone down your makeup. Wearing plum or purple shades of lipstick can easily attract attention, thanks to dark and vibrant colors.



Make your lipstick last longer with Eve by Eve’s Conditioning Plum Lip Definer, thanks to its long-lasting formulation. Its retractable design and built-in lip brush designed for precise application. It also has Rosehip Oil and Vitamin E to condition and soften your lips.

Rose Red


From those bright shades of orange-red, it’s time to return back to the class shade of rose red. It’s defining hue can significantly complement the shape of your lips. The darker the shade of red, the perfect it is for the season. Wear this lipstick with a natural makeup look, or with smokey eyes for a more sultry take. To complete your look, make sure to apply black eyeliner and a coat of mascara.



Eve by Eve’s Rose Lip Definer is designed to define and enhance the shape of your lips. This creamy and highly pigmented conditioning lip definer has long lasting and smudge proof formulation to prolong lipstick wear and prevent feathering.



Matte fuchsia lipsticks were one of the best trends from this past spring, and its trend is still going to continue until this fall. Although its color has a summery gloss vibe, it still possesses hints of violet similar to plum and purple. When wearing this lipstick, make sure to apply another coat for a darker and more saturated color.



Eve by Eve’s Summer Fuchsia Dramatic Luxe Lip Color has the right velvety texture that melts into your lips to create a silky coat of saturated fuchsia pink color. Its innovative formulation allows it to have a long-lasting vibrant and matte air-weight finish.

So which shade would you like to try this fall? Share your thoughts in the comments below!
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