The Ways of Wellness: Tips to Get Healthy in 2018

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New Year, New You? NO! We don’t want YOU going anywhere. 2018 is not about magnificent changes, ginormous alterations or losing “X” number of pounds. Let this year be designed to make healthy lifestyle reforms, that are impactful enough to stick with you for the long haul. Achievable goals and changes are proven to be more sustainable in the long term. So, where do you start?


Create goals

Begin by physically writing down your goals. Whether it is on your cell’s notepad or old school paper notebook, just jot them down. It is important to hold yourself accountable. Setting and achieving goals allow for us to gain personal satisfaction. Personal health is one of the most vital factors to our overall wellness.  

Next, I believe all of us could use some touchups in our diet to make our digestive system just a smidge healthier. One of my favorite hidden hacks is my local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Each week I pick up a haul of fresh fruits and veggies based on what is in season.

The food comes colorful and loaded with flavors I’ve never tasted from store bought goodies. Not only is the quality top-notch, the shelf life is extended compared to the brick and mortar supply many of us are accustomed to because they come straight from the farm to your kitchen.

You may just need to wash a little extra dirt off, and the occasional critter, but hey, that is just evidence of how truly organic the share is. Just google CSA + your location and explore the options.


Love your skin

Did you know the largest organ in the human body is actually the one we see the most? Our skin! It is no secret a clear complexion helps us truly feel good and confident.

At Eve by Eve’s, we believe everything going into our mouths, along with being applied to our skin should be natural and cruelty-free. We integrate high-quality infusions, such as green tea, caffeine, and kelp extract to assure each particle treating our patrons’ (and our own) skin, is specialized to be the best. See for yourself and discover your new skin care routine


Get in motion

Now, the next topic. You know it’s coming (and are probably dreading it): exercise. I don’t have time, I eat healthy so that’s enough, it hurts. We have a million and one excuses, but it is time to flush them for good. I find the best day to day motivation to keep after the fitness game is tracking!

Fitness technology for the purposes of tracking is multiplied in abundance over the last few years. Whether you have a separate device to track, or are simply using your phone, keep a record. Comparing daily, or even weekly will keep you pushing and striving for more. Even more importantly, at the end of the week allow yourself a breather and pat yourself on the back for the hard work and commitment.


A huge part of working out is feeling sexy, and comfortable in what you’re sporting. My favorite is our Judy Crossback Sports Bra. It’s supportive, and visually attractive in a bring on the workout kind of way! Lastly, remember it takes time to notice a difference in your body. Every day and every minute is progress.


Find your center

Last, but certainly not least. What is your outlet for mental clarity? All these pieces of the puzzle are critical, but the mental aspect may grab the top rank.

This outlet also comes in many shapes and sizes, but when frustration hits at 3p.m. on Wednesday afternoon, where can your mind find freedom? A dear friend of mine who is always by my side to help see optimistically, even in the most complicated situation, recently started meditating. I am excited to hear her outcomes and look forward to giving it a whirl myself.

Simple habit changes make big differences in our journey. Every single one of us has different methods to our madness, and ultimately, our happiness.


We value our friends’ thoughts and would love to know what tricks you use to bring working wellness into your life. Please leave us some love below and inspire our other readers!

Rebecca Wagner

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