The Ultimate Gift Guide to Mother’s Day

Unless you’re a master gift-giver, you’re probably struggling this Mother’s Day with what to get for your mom, wife, grandma, aunt, or godmother. One day a year, everyone comes together to celebrate the amazing women in their lives—and show a little love with a special gift. But with all the possible gifts out there, it’s going to be tough narrowing down your options. To make your life just a bit easier, here’s your gift guide for Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day Gift from Him

Now the staple Mother’s Day gift from the hubby is chocolate and flowers, and while mothers love those gifts, you’ll really surprise her with the gifts we’ve chosen.

Maybe after a nice dinner, you can break out this gift: Champagne Renewal Shower Gel. This luxurious body wash is just the thing to make her feel special and rejuvenated — for days and months following Mother’s Day.

Or perhaps you want to make her feel special in a different way. A beautiful, white nightgown is the perfect way to say, “Thank you my goddess.” The Jayme Nightgown is perfect for lounging around the house and looks great on every body type.

But maybe you want to remind her of the hot mama that she is and get her some push up lingerie. The Flora lightly lined bra is a gorgeous lace push up bra that comes in smoking hot red, and is great finish for the end of Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day Gift from the Kids

Everyone knows that mom will love anything her kids give her for Mother’s Day—even a necklace made out of paper. But if you’re past the paper crafts, a safe choice is something to dress her up a little bit and make her feel pampered.

A great gift for mom is a shimmering lip gloss. The Dusty Rose Lip Luster in Rose Honey is just subtle enough that it will go with any outfit or makeup. What’s more is it’s scented with a natural rose and sweet fruit extract that kids will love to share with mom. This particular gloss is also a lip plumping lip gloss, giving mom luscious, full lips.

You can also get mom a nail polish along with an “I Owe You” coupon to give her a manicure. The Candy Crush Nail Lacquer Set has the perfect mix of fun and serious colors, so you’ll get mom ready for any occasion.

Mother’s Day Gift for Grandma

Every grandma has a certain favorite scent—which might be rose. A deliciously-scented bar of Rose Water Soap might just be what she needs. The gift is not only practical, it’s moisturizing and anti-aging. To complement the multi-purpose soap, buy her some rich body lotion too. For a body cream with intense hydration that will leave skin looking healthy and radiant, buy her some Cream Eviternity.

And if you have a stylin’ grandma, get her a trendy ladies coat to wear out. Without a doubt, she’ll look great in the Jessica Dress Coat.


Mother’s Day Gift for the Godmother

Now, your godmother is the woman who promised to care for you if anything ever happened to your parents. So she deserves a little love too! Go for gifts with a classic look that will make her feel special.

A cardigan sweater is both elegant and warm, but not so warm that she won’t be able to wear it in the spring. The Rebecca Sweater Cardigan is a great gift option for your godmother, and it comes in light gray, dusty pink, ivory, and black.

If your godmother takes your crap, get her a Redon Shiny Nickel Round Waste Basket—as both a gag gift and as something very nice but useful. But make sure to get her something that makes her feel pampered too—like a face mask. The Cranberry Anti-Aging Mask is the perfect gift to show your love.

Mother’s Day Gift for the Favorite Aunt

If you live far away from your favorite aunt, you may not see her as often as you or she’d like. So print out a picture of the two of you, and put it in a nice frame. She’ll love the sentimental value. The Keswick White Pealized 5×7 frame is the perfect size, and its gorgeous pattern will look great with any of her decorations.

If she’s spunky, get her a scarf, like the Fauna Of The Deep Light Base scarf. You never can go wrong with a pop of color. Complement the scarf with a beautiful black sweater. The Naomi Long Sleeve Top is a beautiful cut and is made of 100 percent cashmere—and everyone loves cashmere.

Finding the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

No matter what you buy your wife, mom, grandma, aunt, or godmother, they’re going to love it because it means you thought of them. Make sure you express your appreciation for the wonderful women in your life this Mother’s Day!


What are some other great gift ideas for Mother’s Day? Share with us in the comments below!

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