Take Time for You During the Holidays

You know it all too well.  Once Thanksgiving is over, and the turkey is barely put away, the mad rush begins to get ready for Christmas, Hanukah, Boxing Day, Winter Solstice, or Kwanza.  You begin shopping for food, presents, and decorations.

Phone conversations with family are more frequent, as you plan for annual get-togethers and for buying presents for your nieces and nephews.  You rush out during your lunch breaks, you rush to get as much done before work as you can, and unfortunately, you even rush around on your days off.

You might be preparing for guests, for get-togethers, for white elephant gift exchanges, or for all of these fun events!  The holidays can be a stressful time and when we are stressed we forget the wellness practices we love and look forward to.  BUT, who suffers from your lapse in practice?  YOU do!

Let this year be different…who’s with me?!

Let’s set a goal to engage in yoga at least once a week–twice a week would be even better–between Thanksgiving and the end of the year.  Can you commit to a one-hour yoga class per week?  Perhaps with a 20-minute meditation? Below are some tips and tricks to make sure you find time to stay true to your commitment.


Set the Tone

The best way to make sure you fit this into your busy schedule is to be prepared.  Make sure you pack your yoga gear into a backpack and bring it in your car, this way you can attend your favorite yoga class on the fly during lunch or immediately after work.

For hot yoga classes pack light with the Xenia Yoga Shorts, Xenia Striped Tank, and Chandler Sports Bra.


The Prudence Yoga Pants and Darlene Racerback Jacquard Tank are perfect for classes where you need coverage, but also flexible fabric– perhaps when you are sitting in lotus and remembering your breath.

Sometimes, pressed for time, you get up a little early, lay out the trusty yoga mat, and practice at home while everyone is still sleeping.  There are many classes to choose from on YouTube check out mine at April Laliberte Yoga Inclusive.


When staying home is an option, opt for “comfy” lounge pants such as Maricela Lounge Pants and my favorite exercise bra, the Judy Crossback—where form, fashion, and function meet in one flattering bra.  When it’s a little chilly, and you want a light layer until you warm up with a few Surya Namaskar A sets, opt for the Sebastiane Hooded Jacket.

Staying true to your yoga and or meditation practice will help you feel your absolute best when holiday stress strikes.  You will be friendlier, happier, and more grounded when the festivities begin.

Isn’t it worth it to look and feel your best during the most social time of year?

Be that person at the party that everyone wants to talk to because you maintain that radiant glow despite holiday stresses.


Tell us how you’ll be taking time for yourself this Holiday season in the comments below.

April Laliberte

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