Take Charge Of Spring Break With Aries Flair

The sun is entering Aries and Spring Break is right around the corner! Any hot-headed fire sign is going to be looking to cool down with sea breeze and beach fun. Whether she’s swimming, playing volleyball, or just plain partying, anyone born under the Ram will make most of this sweltering season by showing off and having a blast.


For a display of bravado from this sign, you’re going to want a style that represents your unstoppable, fierce energy and focused willpower that lets you take command of a room.

Shantel Bikini Top / Bottom SB1 & Holly Swim Cover

Our first look is the Shantel Bikini set. A brave and showy look teasing with a string top and bottom. The curling silver design is reminiscent of ram horns making this the perfect Aries item. It’s not just the pattern that makes it fit for these stars, it’s a focused look with a basic black shape that grabs attention using swirling silver lines. This set reflects the confidence that comes with knowing you look good and how to own it. 

Add some extra flair to this beach-ready look with our Holly Swim Cover.


Jillian Bikini Top / Bottom

Another great option is the Jillian Bikini set. With Mars ruling this constellation, beachwear should be battle-ready. For playing sports or being in the water, this is sleek swimwear compliments the active lifestyle any Aries is sure to have. Not only that but the design fit in well with the organizational nature aspect of the Ram by displaying this solid, checkered pattern.

This is sure to bring out your natural competitiveness and not only let you shine with your skill but make you look great doing it.


Mindy Bikini Top / Bottom

Last up we have the Mindy Bikini Set. This piece reflects the bold nature of a sign where the Sun is in high dignity. It definitely combines the showier aspect of the sign while maintaining a casualness that only adds to it charms. With its bright red color, it puts your fiery nature on the forefront. This bikini is for any confident and courageous woman who likes to take the lead and show her peers who’s the boss.

For anyone born under the Ram, you’re sure to look fashionable and hot on the beach with these looks. These swimsuits would even work for anyone who wants to project the nature of this sign for herself, and there’s no greater time to do that than when the sun is in Aries.

Tell us how you’ll take charge of your spring break.


Karin M

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