Stylist Picks: Too Chic to Care

With Fall around the corner, we’re ready to bring out all of our “too chic to care” pieces. This week we’re going for an easy glam look using a few of our Fall essentials. So grab the boots and layer up because we’re ready for this season.

Read on to learn more about how we stay trendy through the new season.

We are Fur-real

Here in SoCal, when the weather cools down so do our outfits. We have just the perfect outfit in mind! With the leaves falling, all we’re thinking about is deep tones and long sleeves. This week we’re pairing our Pandora dress, a blue paisley dress with retro sleeves that is sure to stun, with our Meilani sleeveless jacket, a deep blue fur vest. Dress it up with a pair of over-the-knee suede boots for the ultimate Fall glam. So whether you’re walking down Rodeo Drive or visiting the local mall, this outfit will sure to be a showstopper.

In the Fall, our favorite thing to do is layer up. Whether it be layering our clothes, layering up nail polish, layering up makeup, we love it all. We recommend wearing our Vivian plunging bodysuit for that added pop of lace under the Pandora dress. No look is ever complete without the perfect glam. Take our Conditioning Mascara and Eyeliner and doll it up with our Dusty Rose Lip Luster for a look that sparkles no matter the season. Complete the look with our Nara nail polish for a classic nude nail look to finish off this Fall ensemble.


Tell us down below your favorite Fall essential items!

Courtney H

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