Spring Cleaning: Makeup Brush Edition

Think about it!? Our makeup brushes are some of our some of our biggest investments and most used products in our makeup bag.  And while we occasionally rotate out our foundations and eyeshadow palettes, we’re still using the same brushes to apply them on the reg.  In celebration of Spring, the season of new fresh starts, I think it’s about time that we debunk beauty myths and break up with some bad beauty habits. This includes not giving our oh-so-underappreciated makeup brushes the care and love they deserve.  Here’s everything you need to know on how to clean your makeup brushes (and sponges!) like a pro.

The Benefits of Cleaning

Makeup brushes are unique in that they’re the only beauty product that doesn’t come with an expiration date. However, that doesn’t mean that they’re prone to picking up some pore-clogging debris along the way. Industry pros recommend giving your makeup brushes a deep clean at least twice a month to extend the life and health of your brushes.  A good set of synthetic makeup brushes, similar to our Perfect Complexion Makeup Brush Set or the Easy on the Eyes Makeup Brush Set, that are properly cared for could last you a lifetime.

How to Wash Your Makeup Brushes

To start your new spring cleaning routine, you’re going to dampen the brush’s bristles with lukewarm water.  Next, take a dime-size amount of cleaner and swirl the brush around on the back of your hand. Wait until you start to see some bubbles – that’s how you know it’s working ;).  An old pro trick is to use a face cleanser like our Lavender Micro-Foam Cleanser, as a brush shampoos.  This gentle cleanser has a formula that breaks down makeup debris and conditions the bristles with a touch of botanical oils.

Drying Out Your Makeup Brushes

Now it’s time to work those suds with out of your brushes. With a light pressure, take your brushes and sweep them across an absorbent surface to knock out the last of the debris and excess water.  I’ve discovered that an old beach towel has the perfect texture to do the trick, but a paper towel will work just as well!  You’re going to give the brushes a pat dry to ensure the heads aren’t totally soaking wet.  This step might get a little tedious, especially if you have a lot of denser brushes, but it’s an important one! If you leave the brushes too wet, excess water will leak into the brush’s ferrule and loosen up the bonds of bristles causing them to fall out and the brush to lose shape.  Ultimately, your goal is to have them dry in the next few hours. The air dry overnight method is a total beauty myth.

How to Store Your Makeup Brushes

Now that you’ve got your brushes in their like-new condition, they’re going to need a safe storage space that minimizes fraying. I’m super in love with the luxe look of our Ivory Leather Brush Portfolio. It has multiple compartments that let you separate out your face and eye brushes. It keeps them stored in a nice and tight upright position that keeps the bristles true to shape.  Not to mention, it even has an extra pouch for extra lips, eyes, and skincare faves.


What’s your makeup brush cleaning ritual. Comment below and let us know your favorite way to spring clean your makeup bag.

Rachel Elliott

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