Skincare Hacks: How to Beat Winter Dryness

Now that winter feels like it’s in full swing, it’s time to really hone in on our skin to maintain essential moisture during this drying time. Our signature Daily Routine skincare is created in a charming, picturesque village in the Swiss Alps, free from city pollutants.

Our products are composed of naturally found ingredients, such as purified Swiss water and organic Edelweiss, which is derived from a native flower in the Swiss Alps and is one of the premiere anti-aging agents. And of course, it goes without saying, that we never use parabens, preservatives, or sulfates.

Here are a few ways to beat winter dryness this season:


We suggest beginning your daily routine with our pH optimized facial cleanser, Edelweiss Cellular Renewal Cleansing Gel. Our skin cleanser helps remove daily build up, while simultaneously adding moisture to your face.



Next up in your routine – face toner! Our Floral Balancing Toner is composed of a bevy of natural ingredients, including:

  1. Rosewater: used since ancient times, rosewater is a natural anti-inflammatory genius, which helps gently tone irritated skin, heal acne and redness in the skin; it also boasts a lovely scent.
  2. Witch Hazel: another natural aid to help heal acne and other skin blemishes, tighten skin and seal in moisture.
  3. Organic Edelweiss: this petal packs a punch! It helps with anti-aging, increases blood flow, and assists with new cell turnover.



Sealing in moisture is essential, so after cleansing and toning, cap your routine off with our Creme Eviternity moisturizing cream.

Formulated with Edelweiss, a natural DNA protector, and Plantain Leaf stem cells, these natural ingredients catalyze age-defying skincare, boost brightness, and reduces the appearance of fine lines, while hydrating skin.


What are your favorite tips and tricks for beating the winter dryness?

Marisa Olsen

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