Outfit Inspiration: Get Your Groove On

Bordeaux was one of Pantone’s color picks for 2017. Eve by Eve’s is pleased to offer a purple brocade coat with fur collar and trendy shorts in a very far out shade of violet.

Swinging 60’s

Image via Vanity Fair Rewards

While the 1970’s retro vibe has prevailed on runways for the past few seasons, those groovy 1960’s have been creeping in as well.  Designers have been resurrecting the latter part of the decade for years.  Perhaps the reason for the ongoing love affair with the late 60’s is, it was fun,  colorful and there was an undeniable enthusiasm for the future.

The mid-sixties saw the emergence of the miniskirt by designer Mary Quant; for the first time Swinging London was trumping Paris with cutting-edge fashion.  Skirts that hung just below the rear end had previously been reserved for female tennis players, figure skaters, cheerleaders, and dancers.  

Quant’s inspiration was youth culture which she saw as optimistic, exuberant and flirty. While several designers took credit for the mini including, Yves Saint Laurent, Pierre Cardin, and John Bates, it was Mary Quant’s customers who were asking for shorter hemlines.

In contrast to the previous decade, color was replacing drab hues like grey and black. It was as if we unleashed adolescents with spray paint cans and they ran with it.

Of course, bands such as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones were setting fashion trends on a daily basis. Models like Penelope Tree, Peggy Moffitt and Twiggy were role models for legions of young women. Prints were big and bold as hipster paisley’s, bright flowers and geometric patterns demanded attention.  

Purple Reign

We are excited to offer our very own 60s inspired Veronica long sleeve ladies blazer. This hipster coat is made of a stunning cotton brocade and is lined with silk spandex blend for superior softness.


The authentic fox fur collar adds a level of sophistication to this groovy blazer.  Rather than going with a miniskirt, we decided to pair the colorful jacket with solid Ida high waisted shorts, in this statement-making metallic purple. They’re lined with 92% silk, 8% spandex for the ultimate in comfort. 


Pull everything together with black open-toed pumps and the Eve Mini Clutch in Sahara silver metal, all available exclusively at our Beverly Hills Flagship

This look is not for wallflowers so be prepared to be noticed in this outta sight ensemble!

Anthony Starr

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