Naturally Clean: Your At Home Spa Experience

There’s nothing like a spa treatment to unwind, relax and rejuvenate the senses. A spa treatment can instantly revitalize your skin, and take away your daily stress in an instant. While it’s not always possible to get to a spa, bringing the spa to you is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Checkout my below picks of some of my favorite items that help me cleanse, relax and provide a soothing experience. 

Sweet Surrender

Sugar scrubs have surged in popularity in the recent years and it’s easy to see why. They’re natural, gentle, and the sweet scent is an olfactory treat. Our latest confection, the Rosa Scrub, named for the rose essential oil it contains, is made with real sugar particles. What’s great about this scrub is that the crystals melt as they exfoliate and the creamy texture creates a fine lather which won’t dry out your skin. Yummy!


Ocean Therapy

To keep the spa experience going, I love indulging in our body trio which consists of our shower gel, body serum and lotion. These are incredible products, harvested from ingredients found in the coastal region of Brittany, France.

First up, I love to use our Body Scrubber and add a little of our shower gel.


Depending on your mood you can choose either our Champagne Renewal or Spirulina + Rose Anti-Aging. Both lather up incredibly and leave you with an incredibly cleansed feeling. They also feature anti-aging ingredients and smell divine. Who says the ocean is just for swimming in?

Once I’ve cleansed and patted my skin dry, I use our Detoxifying Anti-Cellulite Body Serum. It’s not just for your face anymore! A serum like this helps not only to lock and seal in moisture, but also keeps the skin looking healthy. Just a few pumps, rubbed in circular motions and voila, you’re done!

After the Spa

Once I’m done using the serum, the last step is our Firming Anti-Stretch Mark Body Lotion. This lotion not only seals in your serum, but provides endless moisture, until your next shower or bath. Your skin will feel soft, hydrated and look so radiant it truly is spa-velous! Lastly, I’d love to recommend another beauty favorite of mine. Our triple-milled soaps are incredible and can be used as part of your everyday cleansing routine, in between your spa treatments.


Consider our Rose Water + Argan Oil which is enriched with Argan Oil and Rosewater for a hydrating and heavenly scented treat.


For an even deeper cleanse, try our Green Clay Mud + Seaweed Exfoliating version which has slimming and tightening benefits.


What are your favorite at home beauty treatments? 


Ceci G

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