Nail Art Tutorial: Bridal Manicures

It’s officially wedding season! On your wedding day you should be glamorous from head to toe. This includes your claws and paws! Well-shaped, manicured nails can add the final touch to your bridal look. When I think of a timeless bridal manicure, soft shades of blush pinks come to mind.

Read on to learn more about the designs below and how you can easily personalize these bridal manicures with your color of choice.


Wedding day glam

For this French glitter tip, all you’ll need is your base color and a glitter nail polish. I love how the pink neutral color contrasts with the gold – I think they complement each other perfectly. Start with 2 coats of your base color and let it dry. For this look, I used Paige, an opaque peachy-pink and Gordana, a chunky gold glitter.

With your glitter nail polish, lightly add some product to the tip of the nails away from the cuticles – you can add as much glitter as you would like. Your French glitter tip is done and ready to shine!


L to R: Gordana, Paige 



This next design is the opposite of the one above; this would be the upside down version of the French glitter tip. For this look, I used Silvestra, a chunky silver glitter nail polish, and Shirlyn, a creamy peach hue.

Follow the same steps above, except instead of adding the glitter nail polish on the top, add it toward the cuticle area. You can apply the the glitter in a straight line or a curved shape. I created a slightly curved shape to give it some dimension. Now your claws are ready to be seen!


L to R: Silvestra, Shirlyn



Now for this contrasting nail look, you’ll need to apply your base color to all your nails except your index finger; for this nail apply a full shimmer nail polish. I used Shane as my base color and Silvana for my shimmer.  

Then going back to your middle finger, add some silver glitter nail polish, like Silvestra, but only on half the nail. You can do full, but I prefer the look on half for just a hint of something extra.  And voila you’ve got sparkle! 

L to R: Shane, Silvestra, Silvana


Blushing Bride

For the final design, we have what we call The Classic. Apply 2 coats of any nail polish – I used Margarette – and to seal the deal, finish it off with our Gel Top Coat. I love using this because it gives an incredible shine and really helps to seal in your color.

You have now completed the look in just 2 simple steps. How much easier can this get?

L to R: Margarette, Gel Top Coat


Tell us which look is your favorite!

Marilyn V

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