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Make fun nail art in the comfort of your home.

Women today are too busy with their careers and family that they sometimes forget about the little things about themselves. A trip to the salon or the spa would help with the everyday stresses, but regularly spending on such services would be hard in your pockets. Thank goodness for Eve by Eve’s Nail Lacquer Sets – they are one of the best nail polish brands out there; you can relax and unwind by grooming your nails with these beauties without leaving home.

Eve by Eve’s nail lacquers are proudly cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, and toxic-free products. What’s more exciting about these nail colors is that they smell good too, compared to most nail lacquers in the market today. And early this year, Eve by Eve’s launched nine new nail lacquer sets. We’ll be highlighting three of these new sets, and we’ll be giving you design ideas as well.

Rose Velvet Nail Lacquer Set

The Rose Velvet palette of nail colors includes five colors and a free clear gel top coat. The colors include Taylor, Mayne, Reeve, Garland, and Eleanor. This palette is perfect for fall and winter because of the warm hues.

Rose Velvet Nail Lacquer Set

Design suggestions:

Vintage Roses

Rose Velvet design idea

Preppy Holiday

rose velvet two

Juicy Watermelon

rose velvet three


rose velvet four

Dainty Triangles

rose velvet five

Pinky Mood Nail Lacquer Set

If Rose Velvet is too dark for your taste, opt for the Pinky Mood Nail Lacquer Set. This kit is perfect for the ladies who love pink and anything sweet and shiny. The set includes bottles in five lovely colors – Mabel, Merilyn, Madeleine, Wren, and Silvestra, plus a free clear gel top coat.

Design suggestions:

Pink Ombre

pinky mood 1

Sweet Candy

pinky mood 2

Girly Art Deco

pinky mood 3

Floral Glitter

pinky mood 4

Pink Ribbon

pinky mood 5

Treasure Island Nail Lacquer Set

Ideal for the ladies who love sporting shiny, shimmery nails, the Treasure Island Nail Lacquer Set boasts a combination of dark and glittery hues. These colors are perfect for night outs with friends or formal business events. The set comes with these shades – Silvestra, Silvana, Goldie, Gordana, and Eleanor, plus a free clear gel top coat.

Design suggestions:

Sophisticated Shimmer

treasure island 1

Silver Glamor

treasure island 2

Exquisite Black

treasure island 4

Shimmery Minimalist

treasure island 5

Of course, you can also come up with unique designs, all you need is a steady flow of creative juices! You can get two or more nail sets and feel free to mix and match the colors. These sets are just one-third of Eve by Eve’s newly released batch of gorgeous nail lacquers. Check out our collection for more.

Prep those nails and enjoy de-stressing!

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