Museum of Ice Cream Downtown LA: Review

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July is National Ice Cream month! It all started in 1984 when President Ronald Reagan designated July as National Ice Cream Month; the third Sunday of the month is National Ice Cream Day.

President Reagan wanted to recognize ice cream as a fun, nutritious food that is enjoyed all over the world.

This National Ice Cream Day try something other than hum drum vanilla and chocolate. This year, I chose to celebrate this delicious holiday by visiting the Museum of Ice Cream. Read on to learn all about this SoCal treat that has captured national attention!


Hello, it’s the Ice Cream Fairy

The Museum of Ice Cream is a fun, quirky, pop-up art installation, located in trendy Downtown LA. It’s a delightful assault on the senses as soon as you walk through the doors!

Upon entering, you’re led into a room filled with cotton candy pink telephones mounted on the wall. You pick up the phone, press a button, and you hear a recorded message by the Ice Cream Fairy. PS, he insists repeatedly he is NOT Seth Rogen.  LOL!



LaLa Land

As you begin to move through the space, you get to experience classic iconic Los Angeles landmarks with an ice cream themed twist.  There’s Venice Cream (Venice Beach), pink palm trees, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and the Hollywood sign itself.

You are then invited to enjoy a sample of Coolhause’s Campfire S’mores ice cream. This flavor is the best thing about s’mores, without the heat or mess – perfect for the current SoCal heatwave.


The Museum of Ice Cream encourages you to let your inner kid come out to play throughout the exhibit. You’ll see a pair of swings, a pool filled with faux rainbow sprinkles to jump around in, and a room filled with yellow and pink plastic bananas suspended from the ceiling.

Make sure you keep your camera handy – this place is perfect for the budding blogger.


Minty Fresh

In one area, there was a room of mint growing in cacao (chocolate) in the hopes of creating mint chip hybrid.  Who knows if it will be successful, but it was really fun to see and taste the mint chip Mochi that was available.


Bears and Unicorns, oh my!

The art that surrounds you will inspire you to look at the ordinary in new and creative ways; it will encourage you to spark your imagination using all your senses.

You can pose next to giant gummy bears while eating real gummy bears, or pretend to lick the biggest Popsicle you’ve ever seen! I took a stroll by a wall peppered with ice cream cones stuck to it.

Scatted throughout the museum, you’ll encounter everyday objects re-purposed as art relating to ice cream.


Toppled bust of a Greek philosopher on a pedestal while enjoying black ice cream (crushed cookies colored black using charcoal).


Sweet dreams

Towards the end, there is a gift shop that offers a variety of souvenirs such ice cream themed playing cards, note cards, and to pins. My favorite was the Unicorn Snot.


This experience was great, creative way to spend an afternoon with my fiancé. We had a blast being kids again and exploring the space together and sampling some tasty treats along the way.


So get out there and find new ways to celebrate this tasty holiday!


Kisha W

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