Makeup sponge tutorial: Say Goodbye to Streaks!

As a makeup enthusiast, the most important part of my look is the foundation. A clean, smooth canvas is key to flawless makeup application. But sometimes, the typical duo-fiber brush just doesn’t cut it. We want a streak-free and effortless base with a few simple pounces.

We’ve all seen makeup sponges in different shapes and colors floating around the beauty community. But what sets sponges apart from each other is the overall performance. That’s why we have created 4 unique sponges with their own individual purposes to speak for themselves.

Wet with water, squeeze dry, and watch the magic happen before your eyes.

Juicy like a Pear

The Pear Cut” makeup blender

We took the traditional droplet makeup blender that we’re commonly used to seeing and added a fun twist to it. Sliced off one side and made this the most ideal sponge for all of your concealer needs. Flat edge lays perfectly on the under eyes, while pointed tip allows for precise application in the hard-to-reach areas.

Do the Dew (Drop)

Classic Dew Drop” makeup blender

The most common shape of makeup sponges on the market. Edgeless and non-disposable, bounce any liquid or cream product all over face for seamless results. Damp, soft texture allows for easy application that sits on top of the sponge to prevent from absorbing too much product.

Marshmallow Fluff

Marshmallow” makeup blender

Similar to that of the Classic Dew Drop makeup blender, use the rounded edge of the sponge for a quick all over face application. Contours of the sponge makes it easier to grip while keeping hands clean of makeup. Flat edge fits perfectly in hard-to-reach areas such as around the eyes or nose for a smooth blend.

Triple Threat

Triple-Cut Droplet” makeup blender

Our triple-cut makeup blender is unlike anything else. Specially designed with clean-cut edges for all of your baking needs. Simply take the flat-edge and press into a loose powder or liquid product and apply to desired area in patting motion for a flawless look.


Tell us down below what other ways you would use these sponges!

Courtney H

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