How to Make Long-Lasting Cat Eyes

The “Cat Eye” is probably the most iconic look in the history of eye lining.  Its dramatic and classic look delivers a sultry and mysterious vibe to the wearer. No wonder, many women favor this look the most. In fact, “how to make your cat-eye last long?” is one of the most Googled beauty questions.

Well, ladies, fret no more, because Eve by Eves has created the perfect eyeliner products to make your cat eyes last longer. Eve by Eves Conditioning Liquid Eyeliner and Gel Eyeliners are designed for smudge-proof, water-resistant, and highly pigmented definition for the perfect “Cat Eye.”

Conditioning Liquid Eyeliner

Jet Black Conditioning Liquid EyelinerThis Jet Black Conditioning Liquid Eyeliner from Eve by Eves has an innovatively designed felt tip, which allows an effortless and precise application to achieve a flawless cat-eye look. It is infused with Swertia Japonica Extract that can promote the growth of your eyelashes. It also has Panax Ginseng Root Extract for anti-aging, and Hydrolyzed Collagen for skin conditioning benefits.

Conditioning Smudge-proof Gel Eyeliner
Conditioning Smudge-proof Gel EyelinerDramatize the contour of your eyes with Eve by Eves Conditioning Smudge-proof Gel Eyeliner that can last all day and night. Its unique, creamy gel-like texture will allow you to create that dramatic, seductive cat-eye look all women love. This Conditioning Gel Eye Liner is also formulated with hydrating ingredients like Hydrolyzed Collagen and Sodium Hyaluronate, to give you healthier lashes. It also has Vitamin C to brighten and suppress melanin formation.

To perfect the look, start by creating the eyeliner wing by drawing a line from the last lash going outwards. Let’s see how Youtube Makeup Guru – Easyneon uses Eve by Eves products to finish the look.

easyNeon applying cat eyes

easyNeon applying cat eyes

And end it by drawing a thin line back to your upper lash line.

easyNeon applying cat eyes

Finish off the look by applying a thick coat of black mascara.

easyNeon applying cat eyes

easyNeon applying cat eyes
Eve by Eves Drama Luxe Conditioning Gel Mascara can complete the look with its all-in-one conditioning lash enhancer. Its Conditioning Mascara has Long Lash Powder and Lengthening Fiber for dramatic lengthening effect. While it’s Perfect Base has Smooth Coat Polymer that can thicken lashes, and lets you apply several layers of mascara effortlessly and clump-free.

To finish off your makeup, put on a nude lipstick like the Petal Pink Drama Luxe Lip Color. Its saturated soft pink color is perfect for those women who want to go for a simpler look.

easyNeon in a classic look with cat eyes

While for those who want a bolder and sultry look, opt for a redder shade of lipstick. Check out Eve by Eves Sunny Red Lip Definer.

easyNeon in a sexy look with cat eyes

Classic VS Sexy

Classic vs. Sexy
Whatever look you’re going for, just remember to wear your makeup with confidence. Let your personality shine!

Photo source: Easyneon


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