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Summer is usually the season for revealing tops and barebacks. But if you want to stay stylish even in the colder months of the year, you don’t have to worry! Celebrities have been rocking these sexy looks even in the breezy weather. If they can stay this fashionable all year round, why can’t you?

Here are a few of the celebrities you can look at for inspiration!

Chiara Ferragni


Source: Instagram, chiaraferragni

Chiara Ferragni is showing off her silky skin in these photos, perfect for a hot sunny day. During the colder months, all you have to do to update this look is wear a stylish scarf, add some jewelry pieces and top your look off with a pair of thigh high boots and a military inspired jacket. You can wear knee high socks if boots aren’t available.

Kendall Jenner


Source: Fabzz.com

Millennial trendsetter Kendall Jenner is on this trend too. She wore a casual jumper over her teal racerback bra in these photos. Her bra features geometric lines that makes a statement. This look is ideal for running errands or hanging out with the girls.

Here are other inspirations:


Source: Wheretoget.it, Blusasmoda.com


Source: Wheretoget.it

Geometric lines are all the rage right now! Get this look by wearing a stylish poncho over your racerback bra. Jackets look great too, as well as bareback tops. Racerback bras are perfect for casual everyday clothes. Show off those tan lines you got last summer while they’re still visible!

Eve’s Picks

Solidago Push Up Bra


This Solidago Push Up Bra is Eve’s Temptation‘s take on the trendy geometric line racerback. It features a front buckle making it easy to wear. Included in the summer collection of wild bra straps, the sophisticated black Solidago is still fashionable in Fall.


The floral apple green version of the Solidago is the perfect choice for ladies who love a flirty, feminine style. Similar to the classic black, it has four geometric lines at the back and a front button in the front. Its apple-green color is reminiscent of the happy memories of summer.

Wendy Push Up Demi Bra


If the previous geometric style bras are too simple for you, try the Wendy Push Up Demi Bra. It still has the sexy lines at the back but is more playful as it boasts of crisscross lines. The Wendy Push Up Demi Bra exudes sexiness with a hint of playfulness.

Kim Kardashian


Source: Blognews.am

Kendall’s sister, Kim Kardashian-West, also loves the racerback trend. She wore a T / Y type racerback bra in the photos above. Kim makes this bra look like something you’d wear to a formal event. She paired it with a hip-hugging pencil skirt, a black leather belt, and shiny silver stilettos.

Here are other inspirations:


Source: Gotceleb.com


Source: Wzxun.com

The T / Y type Racerback Bras are also great to showcase your tan lines. But instead of having parallel lines on your back, these bras form a T or Y. These racerbacks are also perfect for the edgy woman who loves to show off her shoulder blade tattoos.

Eve’s Picks

Casandra Push Up Bra



Hanna Push Up Bra



India Push Up Bra



Eve’s Temptation‘s T / Y bras come in sexier styles because of lace details. Casandra Push Up in a midnight blue color is perfect to wear under a blazer. The Hanna Push Up goes well with formal, sophisticated styles too. The India Push Up in a feminine pastel candy pink color perfect for everyday wear.

Emma Watson


Source: Whowhatwear.com

The oh so talented actress, Emma Watson, looks regal in a bow style racerback bra. Bows add a classic feel to sexy and uber feminine lingerie. These racerbacks are the type of bras that can be worn without a top. But for the colder weather, wearing a cold shoulder top over it still will look as sexy.

Here are other inspirations:

3-3-ways-to-wear-your-racerback-bra-3 3-3-ways-to-wear-your-racerback-bra-1

Eve’s Picks

Shelby Unlined Bra


The Shelby Unlined Bra doesn’t even look like a bra because of the added embellishment on the front. The added detail works as a sheer sexy cover on the chest which ties up on the nape.

June Unlined Bra


The June Unlined Bra is another lace bra that has an added embellishment. This time, it’s on the shoulders, making it look like cute wings. It looks great under tube tops or oversized shirts.

Racerback bras are definitely stylish lingerie every woman should have. Don’t be afraid to wear them as everyday wear, even in fall or winter. It’s all about layering and experimenting with wardrobe pieces, and following your favorite celebrity’s fashion style.

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