Lingerie Guide: 9 Styles You Need to Know About

Lingerie has changed over the years and evolved to include a variety of styles to suit every need and personality. From basics like bras and panties to more extravagant styles like corsets and bodysuits, we’ve created a lingerie guide to the 9 top styles we carry.

Read on to learn more about the different lingerie styles there are. Who knows, it may inspire you to start filling up your collection with some special pieces!


The bottom line

When it comes to getting dresses, many of us start the process with panties as the first layer. Bikini panties are not only sexy, but they’re great for every day. The skimpy high-leg cut and moderate rear coverage give you just the right amount of modesty.

If you’re new to lingerie, try out bikini panties as part of your foundation. Because they have a lower rise, bikini panties are perfect under pants, jeans, and leggings as they won’t play peek a boo.


While thongs may be most famous in the last 2 decades for that infamous song in the late 90’s, they do so much more! Thong underwear give you the best of both worlds: front coverage and eliminate panty lines. If you ever follow red carpet photos and you wonder how your favorite Hollywood celebrities look flawless from every angle, you can bet she’s wearing a thong.

No butt’s about it: Thongs not only give you a smooth illusion under your slinkiest outfit, the cut and silhouette give you instant sex appeal. Wear it for a night out…or a night in.


Take the plunge

Often associated with the classic push-up bra styles, a plunge bra offers similar coverage but with some minor differences. Plunge bras will have a shorter underwire and a narrow center gore.

The cups are usually a demi or half shape, allowing you to wear lower cut styles, giving you that extra va-va-voom factor. Wear it for a little daytime drama or as part of your evening look.



One style that has become popular in recent years is the statement bra, or high-neck bra. Because of the silhouette, these bras are meant to be seen! You’ll find these styles will usually be made with lace, mesh or embroidered details.

Whether it’s a choker style, halter, or embellished shoulder detail, don’t be afraid to show off one of these beauties.  Wear them under a leather jacket for an evening look, pretty blouse or maxi dress for a little romance.


One & Done

Teddy’s and bodysuits have become synonymous with lace, a plunging neckline, and a high-cut leg. Traditionally speaking a teddy referred to a more sexy, provocative style of garment, only meant to be displayed in the boudoir.

Bodysuits are seen as the more modern version of the teddy. A more form-fitting lingerie item, today’s bodysuits are meant to be seen. Wear one for an evening look with skinny jeans and a leather jacket. For a statement making daytime look, pair it under a blazer and pencil skirt to rule the boardroom.



A 90’s staple we’ve seen make a comeback recently is the slip dress, or more commonly referred to as a chemise in the lingerie world. Chemises will typically have spaghetti straps and are made with delicate fabric. It’s the perfect style to wear to impress a

It’s the perfect style to wear to impress a suitor or enjoy a quiet night lounging. You’ll see chemises made with a myriad of materials like silk, lace, chiffon or lighter than air jersey.



Similar to a chemise, babydoll nightgowns gained popularity in the 1950’s. It was seen as a demure, delicate silhouette but still very provocative for that time.

While babydolls share some characteristics of a chemise, a babydoll will typically have build in bra cups with underwire and a back clasp, for added support.

Babydolls will also have an empire waist and an A-line silhouette, a nod to it’s vintage roots.


It’s a cinch

While there’s one item that’s truly synonymous with sensuality and sex appeal and that’s the garter belt. Garter belts were originally invented to help women cast off their corsets around the 1920’s.

The main purpose of a garter belt was to hold up stockings. While they’re no longer seen as an everyday item in our mainstream, wearing a garter belt is certainly a great way to add spice to your bedroom look or under that tailored suit!


No other lingerie item has endured through the ages – since the 16th century to be exact – quite like the corset. Corsets were originally designed to enhance a woman’s waist and provide a smooth illusion, and today’s styles are no exception. Gone are the harshlace-upp styles made of metal boning and heavy-duty lacing.

Available in a bodysuit style, or a modified half version meant to focus on the waist, today’s styles are made of smooth silk, satin or couture lace. Corsets can be worn under just about any look where a smooth illusion is wanted such as cocktail dresses, wedding gowns, or, if you dare, wear it with a moto jacket for a night out.


Tell us what lingerie items will you be adding to your collection in the comments below. 

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