Keep Calm and Carry-On: Travel Edition

For most of us, the allure of a trip can evoke many different feelings from excitement, to stress. While packing your suitcase is important, one thing that is easy to overlook is packing your carry-on bag. Your carry-on can make the difference in having a more relaxed flight and making sure you have all your essentials covered while you get to your next destination.

Read on to see a roundup of my carry-on travel must-haves to inspire your next business trip or weekend getaway.



Ready for takeoff

  1. A stylish wrap coat like our Ann Wool Cashmere blend a must before flying the friendly skies. The wide-set collar and color blocking will keep you looking chic as you breeze through TSA check out. Its roomy fit keeps you comfortable, or simply drape it over your shoulders on the reverse as you catch a little shut-eye.
  2. Store your essentials in a carry-all tote, like our Vilaflor. A classic leather bag like this never goes out of style and can easily be transitioned for everyday wear.
  3. Getting in and out of my shoes easily for security checkpoints and being able to keep the pace, I never travel without a ballet flat. Consider the Sarah – and aren’t the laser cut details simply darling?
  4. Another item I like to place in my carry-on is a spare change of clothes. You never know if you may experience the unfortunately lost, or delayed luggage, or if you want to do a quick change upon landing.
    A wrap dress like Raina gives you style points and bonus – the jersey fabric means no ironing needed!
  5. Add a little moisture and color to your lips with our moisturizing Lip Lusters and Lip Definers. Our Lip Definers now have 2 shades in one, giving you more options and saving some space.
  6. The airplane cabin can get a little chilly; cozy up with our Carina Scarf, to keep the cool air at bay.
  7. Speaking of cabin air, we know that a higher altitude means one thing: less oxygen which can wreak havoc on your skin! Pamper yourself with a quick swipe of toner, or moisturizer with the Ultimate Age Reversal Regimen. You get travel sizes of our luxurious Swiss skincare in a sparkly black pouch, which you can easily use as an evening clutch.
  8. Give your eyes a quick touch up with our 2-in-1 mascara and primer. This mascara instantly lengthens, making you look and feel wide awake. Consider adding our Conditioning Liquid Eyeliner to your travel bag. I love that the pen is in a slim, gold, container. It’s so luxe, easy to use and best of all, lasts all day.
  9. Lastly, sit back, order a glass of champagne and enjoy your flight!


We would love to know, what are you carry-on travel must haves? Tell us in the comments below.


Ceci G

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