How to Find Lingerie for Your Body Type

We’ve all had those moments where we see lingerie that looks great on the model, online, or on the rack — until we try it on. It’d be so much easier if we already knew what styles would look good on us. Fortunately, there’s a way to know. Once you know what your body type is, it’s much smoother sailing from there.

What’s your body type? To figure out your body type, grab a tape measure and measure around your shoulders, bust (the fullest part), waist (smallest part), and hips (right below the hip bone). If you don’t have a tape measure, you can probably estimate your body type.

Here’s a quick break down of the different body types you can have:

Rectangle: Measurements are the same for all sections of the body

Pear: Hip measurement is larger than shoulder measurement

Inverted triangle: Shoulder measure is larger than hip measurement

Hourglass: Shoulder and hip measurements are the same, with a defined (smaller) waist

Apple: Waist measure is larger than bust and hip measurements

What’s my lingerie type?

Now that you know what your body type is, you’re ready to find your perfect lingerie.


Rectangle body type lingerie

Styles shown: Afra Wireless Bra, Eartha Black Lace Bodysuit, Lisianthus Padded Push Up Bra, Giovanna Bikini Panties

With a rectangle body shape, most things are going to fit you well, so try a little bit of everything. Work the high necklines and take advantage of all the cute high-neck teddies there are. If you’re looking to make your breasts look bigger, try a halter push-up bra or find something with ruffles on the breasts. As for panties, try to find something with a little flare for some extra shape. You’ll also look great in teddies, bodysuits, babydolls, cute bralettes, balconettes, slips, and bandeaus.


Pear body type lingerie

Styles Shown: Vivian Lace Bodysuit, Solidago Plunge Push Up Bra, Rhiannon Lace Bralette, Selena Thong

With that beautiful booty, you gotta show it off. Go for an itty bitty panty, and go bold on top. Play it up with designs and frills that add emphasis up top. A padded push up bra will look great, and something that hugs the booty will show off your best asset. You can also work the high neck, but play it up with something low cut too. Also try babydolls, teddies, bralettes, slips, and bandeaus.


Hourglass body type lingerie

Styles shown: Elisabeth Cross Back Bra, Tess Chemise, Lisianthus Lace Unlined Bra, Afra Bikini Panties

So, you’ve got a curvaceous figure, but honestly, not everything is going to make you look so curvaceous. Avoid high-necks, high waists, and bras that extend lower than where a basic T-shirt bra rests on your ribcage. Find something to emphasize your curves. Try a plunge push up bra or an unlined balconette, but stay away from bralettes if you’re larger than a C-cup. Show off your booty any way you can. Also try slips, low-rise undies, and bodysuits.


Inverted triangle body type lingerie

Styles shown: Ivette Chemise, Elisabeth Racerback Bra, Kimberley Unlined Underwire Bra, Lily High Waisted Panties

If you’re top-heavy, you probably worry more about clothing —rather than lingerie —that balances you because your larger breasts are actually your best feature when it comes to lingerie shopping. Look for lingerie with an open neck, like a halter or V-neck, and look for softer textures rather than ruffles for up top. For the booty, try some high waisted panties. You’ll look great in babydolls, slips, and teddies.


Apple body type lingerie

Styles shown: Patricia Babydoll Chemise, Nayeli Boy Shorts, Teresa Lightly Lined Bra, Haleigh Bustier

You will look sexy in something that emphasizes your curves. Go for the low V-necks and the V-cut panties. Get high cut leg panties to elongate your legs, and try something with a defined waist. Look for lingerie styles that are slightly fitted, but still flowy. Stay away from teddies, but work those babydolls, slips, bustiers, and corsets.


Tell us what styles you’re excited to try for your body type in the comments below! 

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