How to Build Your Outfit Around Your Lingerie

Remember how Cady, Janice, and Damian cut holes in the front of Regina George’s tank top, and it set a trend that the whole school adopted? Well, it’s possible to make your bra part of a fashion statement, without destroying all your shirts in the process.

We all have a favorite bra-and-undies ensemble (and if you don’t, grab that credit card honey) that makes us feel extra confident and ready to take on anything. Lingerie is yet another chance to show off our style and express how we’re feeling. So, why not build an outfit around your fav push-up bra?

The first step to building an outfit around your lingerie is describing your lingerie. Is it sweet, playful, casual, wild, whimsical or sexy? Figure out which adjectives you’d use to describe your cute bralettes and matching (or mismatching) thong. Once you’ve got that step done and an adjective in mind, start finding pieces in your closet to match.

Keep reading for three examples of outfits you can build around your lingerie.


The Sweet, “Good Girl” Lingerie

If you pull a bra from your drawer that says “sweet,” it could mean you’ll be wearing a tea dress or something with frills, but there’s a little more to it than that. Here are some examples of “sweet” lingerie.

Now, you’ll notice these two combos are pastel and have a little design to them. I’ve picked out an outfit built around either one of these sweet lingerie combos. The second step in building an outfit around your lingerie is assessing your color pallet.

If you’re working with pastels, then your clothing should have similar hues — not color necessarily — but just the “strength” of the color. The hue of these lingerie items is light as if someone took a pink or green paint and added some white paint to it.

Below, in the outfit that could go with these lingerie combinations, you’ll notice soft pinks. But you’ll also notice a couple bold colors — don’t freak out about this. If there are a couple colors that don’t fit the right hue, it’s okay, as long as the majority of the hues match. A few stronger hues in this outfit just add a little element of surprise.

Product images via Polyvore


The Sexy Lingerie

For all you Scorpios out there, I know you’re thinking, “Sweet lingerie? Where’s the sexy stuff?” Well, here’s the sexy outfit we’re all really wanting to hear about. Here are some examples of sexy lingerie (as if you really needed me to spell it out for you though).

It’s pretty obvious why these lingerie sets are sexy: they’re in the sexy colors and involve thongs. But the little details are important too. You probably noticed that the “sweet”-style lingerie sets had cutesy, frilly lace and little crown designs and whimsical flowery patterns. But these sexier lingerie combinations don’t look so ‘good-girl’.

The next step to building an outfit around lingerie is matching designs. Now, matching doesn’t mean just wearing all black with all black lingerie. I mean, it could if you wanted to, but it doesn’t have to. Let’s look at this outfit below.

Product images via Polyvore

You’ll notice that the colors in the outfit match the bras: black and red. Now look a little closer at the details. In the sexy, red lingerie set, you’ll notice lines on the bra and panties that have an effect of looking like the letter “V.” When you look at this outfit, you’ll notice the V-shape in the deep-V neck of the satin bodycon dress, the chic clutch, and the delicate, silver earrings. It’s a subtle detail, but one that will pull the outfit together.

With the sexy, black lingerie, the details that stand out is the lace pattern. It’s not quite your typical lace pattern, which adds a little extra mystery to the lingerie. The way it’s combined with the mesh is extremely sexy, and will work perfectly against the lace and satin contrast of this bodycon dress. Again, it’s a subtle similarity, but it works.


The Playful Lingerie

Of course, half of our lingerie doesn’t fit the “sweet” or “sexy” category because we all need our basic neutral and black bras — and we also just can’t resist the bras that are fun and playful. Building an outfit around playful lingerie just doesn’t seem as easy to pull off — but it’s possible! Here are some examples of playful lingerie that you can dress up.

The playful lingerie is the stuff we wear when we’re just loving life. Or maybe you wear it to the club with your girlfriends because it screams “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” [by Cyndi Lauper]. So, remember the rules we talked about earlier? (Adjective. Hue. Details.) Well, depending on what adjective you used, the rules might change ever so slightly.

Since the adjective for these lingerie sets is “playful,” it means we can mix things up a bit. With the word “playful,” I would suggest mixing up the hue, but keeping the adjective and the details similar.


Product images via Polyvore

Compared to the sexy lingerie and the sexy outfit, the playful lingerie and playful outfits don’t go together at first glance, because like I said, the hues are off — but we have colors present. In both of these lingerie sets, we have pink, but because your adjective is “playful,” play with the hues a bit!

This pink top and red-striped bag are in the same family as the pink in the bras; it’s a playful match. And green and yellow aren’t the same color, but they’re close on the color wheel, so the yellow ankle boots and the yellow butterfly accent on your purse are going to pop with the green in the first lingerie set.

Even with the crazy color rule-breaking, we’re going to have to maintain some order. In the pink and cheetah-print lingerie set, you’ll notice the lace and the way it’s placed on the panties. The shape is reminiscent of the wide-legged pants with fringe at the bottom. While it seems like a crazy match, there are still some similarities. And the playful, pink lingerie is solid throughout like the booties and clean lines of cross-body bag.


Do you see it now?

So just to review, here are the steps to building an outfit around your lingerie:

  1. Adjective: Pick an adjective that describes your lingerie.
  2. Hue: Figure out what hue you’ll be wearing based on the hue of your lingerie.
  3. Details: Find clothes that match the details of the lingerie.
  4. Rule-break: Consider the meaning of your adjective to see if it’s okay to break any rules.


Now you know the basics of building an outfit around your fav lingerie. Share your thoughts or other ideas with us in the comment section! Tell us how you build your outfits around your lingerie.

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