Holiday Makeup Trends

The holidays are nearly here, and your look should be as merry as your mood. ‘Tis the season for bold blush, bright eyes, and luscious lips. Check out how holiday makeup trends are making their way from the runways to your holiday parties this season, and show up with a face that is as festive as it is fierce.


Red Eyeshadow

From Christian Siriano to Vivienne Westwood, red eyeshadow stole the show on countless runways this year and can easily be translated into a stunning holiday look. Red eyeshadow can be intimidating, but it’s a trend that is sure to pay off.

The key is finding the right shade for your skin tone. As a general rule, the lighter your skin, the lighter your shadow should be. If you are on the pale side, try an eyeshadow with pink tones. For medium skin, reddish-brown colors work best. And for dark skin, go all out with a deep burgundy.

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If you naturally have red undertones to your skin, use a concealer and foundation to cover up any blemishes or red spots. For a daily ritual to reduce redness and brighten your skin, try our Essence Eviternity Serum for radiant skin that is visibly noticeable.

When rocking red eyeshadow, eliminating dark spots and blemishes will ensure that your eyes remain the focus, and the color of your shadow won’t bring out any imperfections in your skin.

When applying eyeshadow to your lids, less is more. Start on your inner corner with a lighter bronze or tan shade. Our Florentine Sunset Eyeshadow Palette offers a wide range of neutrals that can be used as your base, allowing you to blend in case the red color becomes too intense.

After applying your base, spread the red shadow from the middle of your lids towards the outer corner, curving your brush along the crease as your lids curve.

Gently blend where your two shades meet. Complete the look by lining your crease with the red shadow to accentuate your lids even more. If you really want to go bold, carry the red shadow up towards the brow bone for a full smokey eye.


Cut Crease

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Still not convinced about red shadow? A cut crease is simple to execute and a great way to ease yourself into the eye trends this season. A cut-crease is a technique in which a darker shade of eyeshadow is applied to the crease of the lids only. The rest of your eyelids should be bare or lightly dusted with a neutral color. Highlighting just the crease with a thin stroke of color will really define your eyes and make them pop. Try a cut crease with a red shade for some holiday cheer or a dark brown for a more classic look.


Nude Lips

To keep your eyes the focal point of your face, pair bold eyes with a nude lip. Caramel and mauve shades, like our Soft Redwood, are trending this holiday season; they are great for dark to medium skin tones. For fair skin, blush and peachy-nudes, like Dusty Rose Lip Luster, work best. To add definition, pick up a lip liner. The Conditioning Lip Definer comes in an array of seasonal shades and will keep your lips soft and vibrant. Matte lipsticks are a favorite of celebrities at the moment, but adding a clear gloss on top will give you an everlasting, lustrous shine that will last from day to night.



Metallic eye and lip colors have been trending for a few seasons now, but the focus has moved onto blush and highlighters. For a brilliant holiday look, layer a shimmering bronzer on top of your foundation. Then, using a No. 7 Angled Blush Brush, contour your cheekbones with a bronze or golden blush. Finish it off with a light highlighter under your eyes and on the bridge of your nose. If you prefer a more traditional pink blush, use a gold or silver highlighter just above the cheekbones to achieve a little shimmer. This trend can be as extreme or as subtle as you’d like. The holiday lights around you will pick up the metallics on your face and keep you glimmering all night long.


Classic Red Lips

If these seasonal trends are a little too drastic for you, you can never go wrong with a neutral face and bright, red lipstick. Darker, matte shades have been popular on the red carpet recently and are a great way to achieve a look that is both understated and bold. Red Brick is the perfect shade for the holidays and is flattering for all skin tones. Be sure to pair red lips with a subdued eyeshadow and blush to make your lips the focus of the face. Even a simple foundation and highlighter will do the trick!


Remember, not all trends can work together at once. Experiment with a few, and pick one or two that works best for the occasion. Stay true to your personal style, and you can’t go wrong for the holidays!

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