Graphic Stripes: A Timeless Fashion Trend

Stripes have ruled the world of fashion for the last century. We can’t exactly pinpoint where and when the first striped clothing was created, but it was in the early 1900s when Coco Chanel introduced her nautical collection. The bold stripes style caught the world’s attention, and the nautical fashion craze began.


Coco Chanel | Source:

The trend even became more popular when iconic movie stars like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe showed their love for striped clothing. Fashion designers saw this as an opportunity and more pieces of clothing with striped designs were created especially in swimwear, lingerie, and dresses.

Marilyn Monroe | Source:

Marilyn Monroe | Source:

Audrey Hepburn | Source:

Audrey Hepburn | Source:

But why do we love stripes so much? Well, according to fashion designers, it has something to do with Helmholtz illusion. According to this, if you wear a dress with vertical stripes, it will make you optically look taller. It will make you appear to look taller It looks stylish and always carries a retro-vibe we can’t resist. No wonder, that stripes are still on trend.

Let’s take a look at Taylor Swift, one of the many celebrities who love wearing stripes. She was seen several times wearing striped swimsuits on her vacations. In 2013, she was seen dressed in a vintage-style black and white striped bikini. There was also the time she caught everyone’s attention with her zebra-striped two-piece bikini as she enjoyed the beach in Perth, Australia.

Taylor Swift | Source: (left), (right)

Taylor Swift | Source: (left), (right)

Aside from her, celebrity best friends, Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, also seem to love wearing stripes. In the photo below, we can see Gigi Hadid dressed in a sexy striped crop top with matching pants. Kendall Jenner, on the other hand, strutted down the streets of New York like a runway in her cute black and white striped playsuit.

Gigi Hadid | Source:

Gigi Hadid | Source:

Kendall Jenner | Source:

Kendall Jenner | Source:

Even the Italian blogger and fashion designer, Chiara Ferragni, shows her love for stripes in the way she dresses.

Chiara Ferragni | Source:

Chiara Ferragni | Source:



a-history-of-stripes-in-fashion-1-2 cosmo

Astrid Push Up Bra and Boyshort features a cute and sexy striped design. It is ideal for ladies who are looking for a comfortable bra that gives  firm support. The bra’s maximum lift provides perfect shape and cleavage, while the boy shorts provides you with a full rear coverage for a conservative yet playful look.

Linda Lined Bra

Linda Unlined Bra & Brief combines soft lace and stripes for an elegant design. Its exquisite lace features a silky texture for a comfortable wear. The bra features classic wiring to offer firm support, and underwire cups to gently shape your figure.


Hazel Bikini

Hazel Bikini is designed with horizontal and vertical stripes with delicate lace to make you look chic and sexy. It is made of a stretchy and lightweight material that provides you with  comfortable and stylish beachwear.



Aster Top is a hollow white sleeved shirt with blue striped design. Its comfortable texture makes it the perfect casual wear when staying at home to relax or you can also use it as a stylish cover to wear over your swimsuit.

a-history-of-stripes-in-fashion-5 a-history-of-stripes-in-fashion-4

Aster Minidress is a blue and white striped halter dress that has a stylish V-cut back design. The dress highlights the collarbone and back. Its chic design is versatile enough to be worn alone when going out with your friends.

a-history-of-stripes-in-fashion-1 a-history-of-stripes-in-fashion-3

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