Giving Back: Heartwarming Philanthropy for the Holidays

The holiday season has officially landed! We are smack dab in the middle of poinsettias, Christmas trees, carolers and tasty lattes. But, what does it take to get into the spirit? There are festivals, friend and family gatherings, beautiful decorations, but most importantly, giving back.

In true Eva and Ming fashion, our philanthropist spirit at Eve by Eve’s is held in high regard year-round, but with a special focus this holiday season.  We are honored to represent and act selflessly when it comes to volunteering time. While time itself cannot be touched, held, or worn, it is one of the most valuable items we can “give” this holiday season.

There are endless opportunities to display selflessness at the local food bank, city mission or even toy drives.

Many of these activities may appear minuscule on the surface, but take it from experience, the goodwill created by sponsoring and volunteering is immeasurable.


Recently, I took place in composing holiday greeting cards for veterans in my area. Roughly ten cards cost me a dollar and took about an hour to personalize each message. The outcome truly hit me as I was finishing up a seemingly simple task. The excitement and pure gratitude expressed when I delivered the cards to the Veterans’ Administration was enough to make me go purchase another set. It was an everlasting reminder why it is important to lend a hand, and truly let others know they are not alone.


Image credit: Daily Record News

If you have the resources, organizations like The Salvation Army also help less fortunate families by providing gifts, or basic necessities during the holidays. Many of these programs suggest what the family may need, and a drop off location once they have been purchased. For example, I was able to provide some hats and mittens to a family living through a cold winter; and also some paper towels and small toys to another in need.

Regardless of what avenue you choose to pursue, one thing is guaranteed: your generosity is appreciated ten-fold by the human on the receiving end.


Image credit: U.S. News

If our readers and followers strap on their boots and commit to this same mentality, we alone could infinitely multiply the help available. Whether you do it to truly help those in need, because we are asking (😉) or to taste some of that old-fashioned goodwill, have confidence your efforts are well received. Karma doesn’t forget, and neither do we. Happy Holidays from your Eve by Eve’s family!

Help us celebrate this holiday season by sharing what you are doing this holiday season to give back? We would love to hear what other opportunities are available!


“We should give as we would receive, cheerfully, quickly and without hesitation; for there is no grace in a benefit that sticks to the fingers.” -Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Rebecca Wagner

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