Eve by Eve’s Dramatic Luxe Lip Color and Lip Luster Review

If your old matte lipstick seems to be causing your lips to dry and chap, then perhaps it’s time to look for a new one. Luckily, Eve by Eve’s has managed to produce a quality matte lipstick, formulated with the right ingredients to give a long-lasting vibrant matte color and light, smooth finish.

Introducing Eve by Eve’s Dramatic Luxe Lip Color Series that comes in twelve colors with different shades of pink, red, orange, and purple. Their smooth and velvety texture designed to melt onto your lips and create a silky coat for a dramatic finish. The Dramatic Luxe Lip Color Series also features a slim case for precise control and application.

Let’s take a closer look at each one of them:

Nude Lips (Original Photo)


Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie comes with a vibrant color of red, made to suit the taste of classy women. It is the perfect lipstick to go with your sophisticated black dress.

French Rose

Achieve that K-Pop look you’re aiming for with the French Rose Drama Luxe Lip Color. Its warm pink color will leave your lips looking naturally beautiful.

Luscious Rouge


For a different look, the Luscious Rouge brings a bright red color with orange undertones that adds dramatic flair to your look.

Napa Wine


Napa Wine Lip Color, on the other hand, is the most attractive wine color lipstick in Eve by Eve’s Dramatic Luxe Lip Color Collection, thanks to its sensational and sophisticated hue.

Petal Pink

For those who want to go nude, Eve by Eve’s Petal Pink Lip Color features a lovely rosy-pink color; a rage among most European and American women.

Poppy Red

Eve by Eve’s Poppy Red Lip Color will dare you to be sexy with its bright orange color. It is ideal for confidently beautiful girls who aren’t afraid to be different.

Red Brick


For the perfect dramatic look, the Red Brick Lip Color features a fiery red color perfect for any occasion. It is a beauty essential every woman must have.

Satin Cerise

If you’re aiming for a cute and sexy look, then the Satin Cerise Lip Color is the one for you with its rich and velvet color. Its smooth texture will give your lips a lovely hue of vivid reddish pink.

Soft Redwood


Eve by Eve’s Soft Redwood has all the right texture and smooth color to make it look naturally beautiful. It is perfect for women who want a simple yet classy look.

Summer Fuchsia

The perfect shade to accompany your summer dresses and cute outfits, the Summer Fuchsia Drama Luxe Lip Color will leave your lips with a lovely rosy color that will catch attention.

Velvet Rose


The Velvet Rose Drama Luxe Lip Color, on the other hand, brings a unique nude hue with purple pigments that any sophisticated women would love to have.

Winter Iris


And lastly, the Winter Iris Luxe Lip Color brings a delicate purple berry color for those women who love a darker shade of lipstick in their makeup.

If you prefer lipgloss over lipstick, Eve by Eve’s has a lip gloss collection, the Lip Luster Series. The collection has fourteen vivid colors to choose from. The Lip Luster Series features bright and beautiful colors, with light and smooth texture that won’t give your lips a sticky coating.


Here are the two best-selling lip gloss hues in the Lip Luster Series:

Eva Rouge


Orange Blossom


The Lip Luster Series are formulated with powerful water-retaining ingredients to keep your lips hydrated and healthy while making your lips look fuller and more luscious.

Eve by Eve’s matte lipstick and lip gloss are perfect for every woman. Right now, the Dramatic Luxe Lip Color Series is on sale with a $13 off its original price. So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of this promo, and get a lipstick for each occasion, because we all know that having the right lipstick can always brighten a woman’s day.

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