Classic Cat Eye: Easy Eye-makeup Tutorial

There’s a reason why cat-eye makeup never goes out of style: from the silver screen to high-fashion runways, it’s one of the most iconic makeup looks. Mastering this look is a lot easier than you think – all it takes is just a few products and a little practice.

Keep reading to learn how you can recreate this look in just a few minutes, using only 3 products.

Easy on the eyes

For this look, we used our Florentine Sunset Eyeshadow Palette, Liquid EyelinerFiber Mascara and Makeup Brushes.

Winging It

1. Start by applying eyeshadow primer to help lock in color, and avoid midday creasing

2. Next, sweep shade #2, using a small shading brush like our No. 11 Shading Brush

3. Apply shade #7, a shimmery taupe all over the lid area. You can use the same shading brush from the prior step, wiping clean between colors.

4. Shade #8 is next; we blended it into the crease for a little definition using the No. 9 Orbit Brush

5. Now the fun begins! Start your ‘cat-eye’ by taking your liquid eyeliner at the outer corner and creating a line about 1/4″ – 1/2″ long, up & out, using a quick, flicking motion. This will serve as your guide for the rest of the eyeliner

6. Starting at the inner corner, use the tip of the felt tip liquid eyeliner and place just a little pressure to deposit color, sweeping it along the lash-line. Add a little more pressure along the center of the lid to create a thicker line, connecting it to the flick drawn in the prior step. If you want a bolder line, you can always go back and use the fine tip and re-draw along the lash line.

The finishing touch

7. For a subtle smokey eye, we used shade #10. Just dip an eyeliner brush, like our No. 15 brush and gently dot along the powder shadow and blend.

8. Prep your lashes using the primer end of our mascara, till fully coated

9.  Apply 1-2 coats of mascara starting at the roots, using a zig-zag motion. Our mascara has lengthening fibers, which will make your eyes pop!

10. For a subtle highlight, we used our No. 15 Eyeliner Brush, adding just a touch of shade #3 – a little goes a long way – and blended it in the inner corner.

Voila, you’re good to go! This look is so versatile, you can top it off with a lipgloss, or classic matte lipstick like Red Brick.


We’d love to know what you think of this look, tell us in the comments below. 

Ceci G

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