DIY Manicure Tutorial: Red, White & Cute!

The local fireworks stand may be closed, but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep celebrating summer in red, white and blue style. Your nails are just as important as your outfit – it completes the look.

With summer still going strong and thinking of the colors of our country, I decided to create some simple nautical inspired designs. Check out our manicure tutorial below to learn more about these looks and how you too can create some patriotic nails with a splash!


Anchors, aweigh!

For the first design, I started off with a white base. Use a striper brush and red polish to create horizontal stripes across your nails. For my red, I used Rosa and for the blue I used Blake.

Choose one nail – I chose my ring finger – and using a dotting tool, create a circle towards the mid-left side of your nail. Then, using a striper brush and the same blue polish, create a line going down from the bottom of the circle.

Add 2 curved lines to create a smile shape at the bottom of the line, then add arrows at the end of the curved line. Draw a small line to the middle of the anchor. Lastly, add a small white circle in the middle of the blue one. And there you have your first DIY.



For the second design, we’re going for the gold! To begin, paint your pinky and middle finger blue. I used Blake again – it’s such a gorgeous deep blue with the perfect metallic sheen. For your ring and thumb paint it gold – for this look I used Godiva – and the index finger, white.

Now that your base colors are all done we can start the fun. Using a dotting tool, add gold circles near your cuticles to the pinky and index nail. Then with a striper brush, add some white stripes.

For the anchor follow the same steps as above using a striper brush and white polish. Lastly, add a small gold circle in the middle your index finger, over the white polish. Add your Gel Top Coat and voila! You have completed your second design.


Earn your Stripes

Now for a more festive nail design! I love this chevron design, similar to the classic French tip. I am going to start off by adding a nude base color to all my nails. I’m a fan of Neri, it’s the perfect barely-there neutral, and gives a little shine.

Using my striper brush and white polish, I am going to create a V shape at the tip of the nail, and fill it in. Then with Rosa (red polish), I created a simple V just under the white, and a blue V to the top using Blake.

Add your Gel Top Coat and your patriotic nails are ready to amaze.


Tell us which look is your favorite! 

Marilyn V

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