Beauty hack: Cleaning your makeup sponges

Now that you’ve learned how to use our Makeup Blenders to achieve flawless makeup there’s one thing we can’t neglect: cleaning your makeup sponges.

Cleaning your makeup sponges between uses is so important. It keeps dirt and bacteria at bay, keeps your products fresh and protects your skin.

Read on to learn more about how to clean your makeup sponges to keep your makeup looking fresh, every time.


Good, clean, fun

Start with a bowl of warm water; dip your sponge until it expands to full size. Next, we took our Green Clay Mud Soap rubbing it along the areas that are most concentrated with makeup product.

Squeeze a few times, rubbing the sponge between the fingers and palm, working it into a gentle lather. Dip into your bowl of water to really saturate the sponge, and squeeze out the excess.

Dip your sponge again into your bowl of water, using the soap to go over any spots you see makeup. Squeeze out any excess moisture, rinsing and repeating until no more makeup residue comes out.


Lastly, make sure you allow your Makeup Blenders to dry thoroughly before storing it away. Storing any moist sponges will make them prone to getting mold or bacteria due to the moisture.

I like to let mine dry overnight, on a clean paper towel or washcloth and keep them away from dust and direct sunlight which can break down the sponges.

To keep your makeup in check and always fresh, you’ll want to replace them every three months.


Tell us how you keep your makeup tools clean in the comments below. 


Ceci G

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