Chinese Valentine’s Day

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Each year on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month of the Chinese calendar, many people celebrate a special day they call Chinese Valentine’s Day. A day that is not often talked about in the U.S. but nonetheless an important holiday that should be recognized.

This year Chinese Valentine’s Day falls on August 28, 2017. So what exactly makes this day so special?

Read on to learn more about Chinese Valentine’s Day and how we intend on celebrating this year.

Love is in the Air

Every love story is unique in itself, and this one is nothing short of it. This poetic tale is about an orphaned cow herdsmen, Niulang, and the daughter of the Goddess of Heaven, Zhinü, who crossed paths and quickly fell in love. As a traditional fairy tale would go, the pair go through their journey looking for their happily ever as they encounter road blocks along the way.

After a little hesitation from Zhinü, knowing the possible outcome of this, she agrees to marry Niulang and has two children with him two years later. The Goddess of Heaven later found out that Zhinü married a mortal and immediately demands her to return back to heaven where she attempted to separate the two. Now once a year the magpies would take pity on them and fly up to heaven to form a bridge between the two. And now on exactly the seventh night of the seventh moon, the lovers may reunite for a single night.

A Celebration of Love

We thought what better way to commemorate this day than by cherishing our loved ones. For a gift that says “I love you” in many languages, give the gift of beauty.

Curated for the beauty lovers, we’ve created three unique beauty sets that will sure to please. Our Flirty Look beauty set is for the girl that loves a good pop of pink whether it be on the nails or the lips. The Rebel Look beauty set is for the edgy chick that wants to make a bold statement. And last but not least, our K-Pop Look beauty set is ideal for those who want a quick and easy simple makeup.

The choice is yours, now go forth and enjoy this special day with your loved ones!


Tell us down below how are you celebrating Chinese Valentine’s Day this year!

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