Change Your Skincare Routine with the Seasons

With every changing season comes a new skincare routine. The weather is getting chillier which means our skin is getting drier. It’s time we modify a few simple steps to our daily skincare regimen to keep our skin healthy and radiant through the next few months.

Read on to learn more about these skin care tips and how you can maintain a fresh-faced glow.

1) Purify

During the Summer our skin tends to overproduce excess oils, while in the Fall/Winter we see a significant decrease. This may sound like a good thing but in reality, this causes the skin to get dry and flaky. So, we suggest incorporating a gentle face wash such as our Brightening Creamy Cleanser or our Renewal Cleansing Gel to quickly wash away impurities without stripping essential oils.

2) Exfoliate

Next, we want to focus on exfoliating! If there’s one thing we hate most about Winter it’s the effects that it has on our skin. Our bodies naturally develop dry and dull skin over time if we don’t continually exfoliate. Therefore, try including exfoliation as part of your skincare routine to remove the unwanted layer of dead skin. This allows fresh, glowing skin to shine through. Try our new Rosa Sugar Scrub packed with moisturizing ingredients with our Exfoliating Body Scrubber to reveal a healthy glow.

3) Moisturize

With the dry, cold breeze in the Fall and Winter, we recommend putting aside the light moisturizers. As a matter of fact, try opting for a heavy-duty moisturizing cream that packs a punch in hydration. Our Cream Eviternity is loaded with nourishing ingredients to help dehydrated skin feel supple and rejuvenated. If that’s not enough, we suggest layering our Essence Eviternity underneath first to act as a shield to retain moisture.

We know some nights you might be too lazy to apply a multi-step skincare routine, try our Overnight Youth Mask and you will wake up with instantly refreshed and youthful skin.


Courtney H

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