Benefits of Yoga

Looking for a new way to stay fit and increase your zen? Yoga is the way to go!

Although Yoga is seen as a physical workout, it’s a great way to manage stress, and feel great. According to the American Osteopathic Association yoga has many health benefits.

Read on to see some of the ways you can benefit from yoga.


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Physical benefits

Some of the physical benefits of yoga include:

Yoga helps over time with increased flexibility. Stretching and breathing helps loosen muscles, relieve joint pain and prevent soreness.

Over time, you may see increased muscle strength and tone. Like most exercise programs, many yoga poses involve using your own body’s weight as resistance, helping you get stronger over time.

Yoga can also help with weight loss. Going back to using your body’s weight as resistance, yoga burns calories in addition to providing a calming experience.

Spiritual benefits

Not only is Yoga beneficial physically but it also provides great mental benefits. You can develop a more positive outlook on life and a sense of calmness. Look at the other amazing benefits of Yoga:

  • Yoga stimulates the production of Oxytocin “the love and bonding” hormone
  • Reducing mental stress helps us use our mental facilities more effectively
  • Yoga has also been linked to be help with building a self-trusting, relationship with yourself


Our Picks

Now that you’ve seen how great yoga can be, it’s time to prep for your first session. Check out some of our favorite yoga styles to help you get ready to do your next warrior pose:

Any fitness routine starts with a good foundation. We’re loving our Judy sports bras, not just for the comfort but also the support. They come in wire-free or underwire in the classic racerback or this gorgeous intricate back detail.


Whether you’re trying a beginner’s yoga or something more advanced you need styles that will stay in place. Our Gentiana cropped tank is made of a smooth, seamless fabric that helps wick away moisture, keeping you cool. For warmer weather, or even hot yoga, consider the Xenia short. Of course nothing beats a classic like our Prudence pants. These are also great outside of the studio, as the layering options are endless!


Once class is over, throw on a light layer like our Sebastiane jacket. We’re loving the seamed pocked detail, and heavy duty zipper. This is such a fun jacket and so versatile you can wear it on weekends, run errands and of course post-yoga!

Tell us your thoughts on the benefits of yoga, we’d love to hear from you!


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