Achieve the “no-makeup makeup” look in these easy steps

Look fresh and naturally beautiful in just a few minutes!

The barely there “no-makeup makeup” look has been very popular in spring and summer, but we believe that this look is perfect all year round. Achieving this look has also become easier, as more and more products have become multi tasking items. Eve by Eves, of course, has specially created an array of multitasking natural beauty products that cater to women who are busy with college or their careers.

Eve By Eve's Cream Blush

Introducing Eve by Eves Cream Blush — it’s a beauty product with extreme staying power that works wonders. It can be used as blush, eyeshadow, highlighter, and as a lip color base, making getting ready easier than ever. This multi-purpose cream comes in five different hues that go well with all skin tones. Eve by Eves Cream Blush has a smooth satin formulation that guarantees a natural looking radiance to your skin.


Let us help you achieve that natural look in no time!

Step 1: Apply foundation to your clean face.

Putting on foundation or a cream base is a must. Otherwise, blending makeup on bare skin would be difficult. Make sure to wash your face first, as applying makeup on a dirty skin is the formula for pimples and other unwanted blemishes.

Step 2: Put some color on your eyelids.


Use Eve by Eves Cream Blush in Pink DustApply lightly on your eyelids, gradually brushing the entire eyelid. Your eyelids should have a natural pinkish glow. Next, apply any eyeshadow in earth tones, and blend with the Cream Blush until your form a slope. Lastly, apply a thin line on both of the lids using Eve by Eves Gel Eyeliner. Get to choose from three colors – brown, charcoal, and black.



Step 3: Let’s get some color on those cheeks.


Put a natural flush on your cheeks using Eve by Eves Cream Blush in Cherry Blossom. The satin formulation will give your cheeks a youthful glow. Brush the back of your hand in a circular motion after dipping it on the Cream Blush. This is to avoid an unnatural look on your cheeks. Then, lightly brush on your cheeks, following the shape of your cheekbones. You can mix Cherry Blossom with Vintage Rose, to create the perfect natural pink hue for your skin. Again, you can use the back of your hand for mixing the colors.

Step 4: Put on lip color.


Next, choose Eve by Eves Cream Blush in Summer Coral for your kissers. Brush over your entire lips as this will act as a base for the color. Lastly, apply Berry Pie Lip Luster Lip Gloss and smudge with a lip brush. When these two colors combine, you get a natural pink hue on your lips. But of course, feel free to experiment with all the other colors!

Berry Pie Lip Luster Lip Gloss

Step 5: Set with mineral powder.


Set a flawless finish using Eve by Eves Mineral Powder. Apply a light layer of the mineral powder on your forehead, your cheeks, and your chin. Focus on the areas where your skin easily gets oily and shiny. Putting on mineral powder will also prevent creasing and make your look last the entire day.

And voila! You’re all made-up and ready to go!


Who knew achieving this look would require only a few beauty products? Check out our shop for more!

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