5 Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your valentine this year?  You are not alone.  Try the 5 tips below to make your Valentine’s Day a day to refresh your love for each other, kick off a new romance, or take your commitment to the next level in a big way!


1. Show your loved one they are special with a treasure hunt.

Start by leaving a note on your beloved’s bathroom mirror with a new sheer lace unlined bra.  Your note should include a note to the next clue; maybe in their car, with a matching pair of cheeky underwear.

Your treasure hunt could end with a box of liqueur chocolates delivered to their work; add an invitation to dinner where you say ‘I Love You’ for the first time.  Nothing says ‘you are special’ more than taking the time to plan out a fun treasure hunt with little treats around every corner.


2. Is it a REALLY special day? A special anniversary?  Planning to ask for your beloved’s hand in marriage? 

Then you should really consider hiring a musician and sending them to your love’s workplace.  They will be the envy of everyone there!  You could ask the musician(s) to give him/her a special box with a wedding garter inside as a hint about your plans later that evening.  It’s important that you understand the difference between Mariachi band and passionate violinist…the music will make all the difference!


3. If you are planning a low key Valentine’s celebration, call your special valentine and invite them to come to your place for dinner and a movie.

Pick a romantic movie, one that has special meaning for the two of you; perhaps a love story like Pretty Woman or Breakfast at Tiffany’s or a hot and steamy movie like The Doors.

When your date comes over, hand them a small present that you can put on later.  Have a hot pizza and cold beer ready to consume.  You never know where the night might go.


4. Are you and your love ‘pub types?’

Perhaps you ask your special someone to escort you to your favorite pub and pre-arrange with the bartender to bring a special surprise with each of the beers. This could get interesting!

The presents could be something you can wear, or something they could wear.  Or maybe just a mixed CD of all your favorite love songs or a photo album of cute photos of the two of you together.


5. Is money really tight?

You could tie a pair of new cute sexy underwear to a cheap bottle of wine and ask your Valentine to accompany you to the backyard for a small wine and cheese picnic.  This can be done in any kind of weather—if you have a hot tub, even better!  If you live where it’s snowy, just bundle up and make snow angels.  If it’s nice, get out the guitar and play a few songs.  The sky is the limit!

The bottom line is, if you have a loved one, make them feel special and adored this Valentine’s Day.  If you create a thoughtful experience that demonstrates your love, then they cannot help but feel special on the most romantic day of 2018.


What is your favorite way to surprise your loved one?  Leave a comment below and let’s circulate the best ideas!



April Laliberte

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